Trevone Gardens

Just south of the Parkway, where the first footbridge west of the Manadon flyover straddles that busy thoroughfare, we find Trevone Gardens, one of a number of streets in that neighbourhood that owes its name to a town or village in Cornwall.

Trevone, the name means river farm or settlement, the first element the common Cornish “tre” being the farm or settlement element, the “vone” coming from avon – river, was recorded as Treavon in the fourteenth century.

A quiet seaside village, Trevone is known to many coast path walkers as the place where the is a giant Round Hole spectacularly set in the middle of a field. Thousands of years of subsidence have created a steep-sided circular feature at the bottom of which you can see the foaming sea. Just to the west of Trevone’s popular sandy beach there is another well-known feature, a man-made one of much more recent date – the rusting hulk of the Smilin’ Through, a fishing boat which foundered on the rocks back in 1924.