St Paul Street

Tucked in behind the little church of St Paul’s Stonehouse is St Paul Street, quite clearly taking its name from Foulston’s low-budget, yet impressive, gothic-style edifice, built as a chapel of ease to St George’s in the late 1820s/early 1830s. Opened for divine service in July 1831, St Paul’s was completed at a time of great activity on the Stonehouse peninsula as work on the new Victualling Yard was still only about half-way through (it was finished in 1835). The last of the great governmental building projects that really put Stonehouse on the map (after the Naval Hospital, Royal Marine Barracks and the Military Hospital, the creation of the Victualling Yard also witnessed a major increase in the local population, although it wasn’t until 1883 that a separate parish of St Paul’s was established (after St George was bombed during the war this eventually became the mother church of the parish of St George with St Paul).