South View

Just above Lanhydrock Road in St Judes we find one of a number of South Views dotted around Plymouth. While the area is undoubtedly a lot more built up than when the South View properties here were new, there are still some splendid south-facing glimpses to be had, particularly from the top floors of some of the houses. Glimpses of the sea and across to Mountbatten, across what is now Tothill Park and which was, many moons ago, Tothill Creek. Boats used to moor up, almost along the western end of Lanhydrock Road and there were, until fairly recently, a number of iron mooring rings in the wall there.

Also enjoying fine southern aspects are the residents of South View Park and Close, near Boringdon, Plympton. Similarly there’s a South View at Whitleigh, but I’m not sure how far the view extends, or the one at Elburton.