South Milton Street

Between them the counties of Devon and Cornwall have provided the inspiration for a sizeable number of Plymouth place names, just as you would expect with the City sitting on the mouth of the river that divides the two areas. South Milton Street in Cattedown has namesake neighbours from both counties, while the village itself is close to Kingsbridge – the Thurlestone Rock is within its parish.

Originally known as Middleton – Middle “tun” or middle settlement, the current name, in common with many other Miltons being an abbreviation – the hamlets of Upton (Upperton) and Sutton (Southton) sit on either side of the small South Hams village of South Milton. With a population now of around 400 hundred it is not vastly different from its position one hundred years ago, however there are a number of new houses now dotted around a central area of thatched whitewashed cottages, farms and farm buildings.