Sea View Terrace

It’s difficult now to imagine, but when Sea View Terrace was first built, in the second half of the nineteenth century, alongside Sea View Villas and Sea View House, the views of the sea from here were quite splendid – from ground level. As the century progressed however more and more development meant that less and less of the sea was viewable. Sea View House was doubtless the earliest of these developments and Sea View Avenue the last of them.

Sea View House stood on the south side of the early nineteenth century development Lipson Terrace, on the side of Lipson Road and leading into Lipson Hill, which was, for many years, the principal route out of Plymouth for east bound traffic – a route that was for most of that time, beyond Gasking Gate, lined only with paths and green fields.

Indeed when Sea View House was constructed there would have very little in the way of housing between it and the buildings that stood within a few hundred yards of Sutton Harbour.