Russell Avenue

Neighbouring settlements in the Chagrin Valley area of Cleveland, Ohio, in the United States of America, include Bainbridge, Russell and South Russell and it is curious to note that here in Plymouth two neighbouring avenues, in Hartley, are called Bainbridge and Russell. Quite what the inspiration for the naming of those American townships was is unclear, here however, the two Plymouth thoroughfares would appear to have been named in honour of two members of the Rendle family who once owned the land that the roads were laid out on; Charles Bainbridge Rendle, his son Edmund Marshman Russel Rendle, and his grandson Charles Edmund Russel Rendle.

Curiously enough the single ‘l’ would appear to either have been a typographical error on early deeds, or was later inadvertently ‘corrected’ by persons unknown. Either way, there appears to be no other likely explanation of the two names.

At the time that work began on the housing in this area incidentally (in the first decade of the twentieth century), Edmund Marshman Russel Rendle was living in Caton Cottage, in Ermington, with his wife Julia. He died on 24 June 1909.