Rosslyn Park Road

At the beginning of the nineteenth century Alexander Wedderburn, Baron Loughborough, retired as Lord High Chancellor of Great Britain and was granted an earldom. Born in Edinburgh, County Midlothian, Loughborough took the title Earl of Rosslyn (the Midlothian site of the famous battle in 1303 when 8,000 Scots defeated 30,000 English soldiers in three battles on the same day – and had they not won Scotland’s wars of independence may have ended there and then).

At the same time, the newly created Earl changed the name of his handsome Hampstead house from Shelford Lodge to Rosslyn House.

Some sixty five years later the house was pulled down by a speculative builder and only part of the park was left undeveloped. Here it was in the 1870s that a number of enthusiastic cricketers formed themselves into Rosslyn Park Cricket Club. In 1879 they started playing rugby in the winter and in 1894 the Rosslyn Park club moved to Richmond.

In 1905 following the sale of a large part of the Pounds House estate, the Co-op building department completed construction of the fifty-five houses that make up one of the many “Park Roads” in Peverell – Rosslyn Park Road.