Pembrey Walk

One of a number of post-war street names in Ernesettle commemorating wartime airfields, Pembrey Walk takes it title from a Welsh base, now well-known for motor racing. This particular activity began with car rallies in the 1960s and was further developed by Llanelli Borough Council for sprints and rally cross racing.

The RAF base was first developed as a training area for anti-aircraft gunner in 1936/7 and the following year plans were drawn up for an airfield which eventually became operational in 1939. It became a bomber gunner training base as the war unfolded and Wellingtons, Fairybattles and Blenheims were a common sight. One very unusual and significant sight occurred when a German Focke Wolfe 190 – the newest enemy super fighter – landed here, low on fuel, after its pilot had been chased from Cherbourg via Cornwall by a squadron of Spitfires. At the time the German plane could outperform the Spitfire and the RAF had planned a raid to get hold of one, but now, despite the efforts of the pilot to blow it up on landing, they had one.

The RAF still have a presence in the area and holiday makers at the camp at Pembrey are regularly treated to spectacular aerial displays.

Private aircraft also recently (since 1995) started to use the airfield and there is a flying school there as well as a helicopter base and the West Wales Microlight Centre.