Peek’s Avenue

In Ivy Landon’s detailed review of Plymstock – ‘The Plymstock Connection’ – there is a chapter devoted to ‘Plymstock’s Historic Buildings’ and in it appear details from two old maps, one a Manor Plan from 1755 and the other from a Tithe Map of 1842. In those days there were little more than two dozen dwellings in the heart of old Plymstock, among them, Peek’s Tenement –“an ancient farmhouse with the dwelling at the south end and a barn or shippon at the north.”

“The north end has been rebuilt and converted into a dwelling house. The original house is of seventeenth century date or even earlier. Like other Plymstock farmhouses, eg Downhorn and Burrow, it occupies a site continuously inhabited since early medieval or even Anglo-Saxon times.”

Quite how long it has been known as Peek’s is unclear, however at the time the Manor Plan was drawn up in 1755 the lease was apparently held by John Pyke and it is perhaps a corruption of his name that gives us Peek’s Avenue today, a thoroughfare that runs across the original farm site.