Peacock Lane

In 1719 Sidney Strode produced an “Account of the Strode Family” in which he makes reference to duel fought between Richard Strode and Sir Philip Courteney of Loughtor. The duel was fought on the green at the lower end of what was marshmeadow, Colebrook. And what were they fighting over, a family feud, an issue of honour, or a young lady? No, they were arguing over a peacock killed by a servant. Thanks to Bill Couch for providing me with a copy of his son David’s thesis on Colebrook, which is where the information came from. David doesn’t record the outcome of the duel, but one thing we do know, the event was commemorated in the naming of Peacock Ford and “later transferred to the ridge leading out of Colebrook and to the meadow” … and to Peacock Lane.