Nevada Close

Over the years various local street names have disappeared as areas have been redeveloped, most of those that have suffered that fate however survived longer than the twenty five years that was the lifespan of most of “Little America” in Efford. A community that sprang up in an instant estate of prefabricated, free-standing, detached bungalows, this area included Arizona Road, Colorado Walk, Florida Gardens, Georgia Crescent, Montana Place and Texas Place. Only a handful of American state names survived the demise of the prefab, among them California Gardens and Nevada Close – although formerly this was Nevada Crescent.

Nevada, the name has Spanish origins – it means “snow capped” – has a number of nicknames – it is the “Battle Born State”, the “Sagebrush State” and the “Silver State”. In the days of the silver dollar it was quick off the mark on the gaming front and today there are over 200,000 slot machines in the State, while Las Vegas boasts more hotel rooms than any other city in the world, curiously enough in raw mineral terms it is also the Gold State, producing more of the yellow metal than any country in the world other than South Africa.