Law Walk

Notable for employing only four letters of the letters of the alphabet, making it probably, alphabetically, the most economical street name in the city, Law Walk is named after William Law, Mayor of Plymouth from 1892-95. His unusual (but not unprecedented) three year tenure of office almost certainly due to the fact that in his day the Lord Mayor was responsible for his own expenses and economical was certainly not a word that his guests generally would have applied to his hospitality.

One of the earliest members of the Plymouth Mercantile Association (and at one time its chairman) he was unanimously elected chairman of the Port of Plymouth Chamber of Commerce in 1888 and did much to improve the area’s railway network. Having made his money dealing in tea, Mr Law was described in his day as being “a wealthy man” who has “made his money in legitimate trading. He has always been most attentive to his business; but he has been ever ready liberally to dispense to the needy and to assist local institutions.”

His home was at Carhullen, a large house at the top of Lockington Avenue, Hartley.