Jubilee Road

There are various Jubilee place names around Plymouth and for the most part they were built at different times and refer to different Jubilees and different monarchs. Interestingly enough the Jubilee Road at Ernesettle is close to Queens Road, Kings Roads and Princess Avenue, leaving us in no doubt about the regality of the street name. The clue, in this neighbourhood to the date of the Jubilee in question, other than that given by the architecture and the actual date of the houses, is the neighbouring Marina Road, a reference to the Duchess of Kent (Princess Marina, who had recently married Prince George) locating this period of building work firmly in the mid-thirties and therefore the Jubilee in question is that of King George V and Queen Mary.

The celebrations took place in May 1935 and there were street parties arranged across the length and breadth of Britain. The Jubilee commemorated the King’s 25th anniversary on the throne, sadly however there was to be no 26th year completed as George died of bronchitis at Sandringham on 20 January 1936 – he was seventy.