Honicknowle’s original manor house appears to have stood on the site of Warwick Park House opposite the western end of Dickiemoor Lane. Hanenchelola or Hanechelole as it was called around the time of Domesday, belonged to a Saxon named Wado or Wadelo at the time of the Conquest and afterwards it passed into the hands of the Count of Mortain, who leased it to Reginald de Valletort.

None of these gentlemen were to influence the name of this immediate area, which appears rather to have acquired its appellation from an abundance of wild cocks in the area. According to Eilert Ekwall in the Oxford Dictionary of Place Names this is Hana’s knoll, or “knoll frequented by wild cocks” and thus shares its name origin with Hampole, Handborough and Handforth, in other parts of the country, and the three Hanafords in Devon.