Holly Park Drive

Holly Park Drive was developed during the early 1970s, on the site of the erstwhile Holly Park Farm, the farm itself was still standing then but came down a little later when the Holly Park estate was extended. The houses were developed by Ceres Homes and sold for them by Taylor Lane and Creber and one or two key Stratton Creber personnel moved into them and one in particular was involved in the selling of them. Patrick Newnham, currently the Postmaster at Peverell Post Office, and then the residential sales partner of Taylor Lane and Creber, recalls; “There we were having our domestic Christmas morning, as you do, when someone knocked on the door and said they wanted to have a look at one of the other houses – there was a sign on the site office saying when closed knock on the our door. So they did, and they decided to buy it – there and then on Christmas Day – they were most apologetic about the timing but they had only come down to visit parents on Christmas Eve and were heading back home on Boxing Day. So it was there only chance, they paid their deposit and went off happily.”

What more fitting a day could you get to buy a house in Holly Park?