Holland Road, Plymstock

“One of three Holland Roads currently within the city boundary – there is one in Mannamead and another in Plympton – the Holland Road in Plymstock is said to derive its name from the well that used to at the eastern end of Cob Lane, near Amberley House, and hence near the meeting point of Cob Lane and Holland Road.

Clearly many older street names in and around Plymouth, and other towns and cities for that matter, came into existence this way, not that the well was called Holland Well, rather, it would appear, it was Hollins Well.

Interestingly enough there was also a “Holand” associated with the greater Plymstock area – some 500 years ago – and that was Roger Holand, who was given custody of the ancient Radford Estate in the late-fifteenth century. This followed the death of John Harris, of Radford, in 1485. John seems to have died comparatively young and his son, Francis, was too young to assume responsibility for the estate, and so it was that Henry VII granted custody of Radford to Roger Holand. It would appear that Holand enjoyed this right until 1496 when Francis Harris claimed his inheritance.