Hamble Close

Although the River Hamble is one of the principal rivers in Hampshire, the ham in the river is different from the ham in the county. The name appears to come from an old Englishterm ‘hamel’ meaning maimed, although, more likely in this instance, ‘crooked’ as the river winds for some seven or eight miles from Bishop’s Waltham, where it rises, via Botley and Bursledon, down into Southampton Water at Hamble-le-rice.

Sitting at the very heart of the sheltered waters of the Solent the Hamble is widely regarded as the home of British yachting and there are literally thousands of moorings along its banks. A great number of these are owned and managed by the Crown Estate who have ownership of the tidal stretches of the Hamble which, incidentally, also have internationally recognised nature conservation designations.

Hamble Close itself is one of the many Efford street names inspired by a notable English river.