Elliot Terrace

In 1785 Sir William Molesworth sold various tracts of land that made up the old manor of Sutton Pill to William Clark, among them the Hoe Fields, which extended between the Hoe and Millbay Road. Unfortunately Mr Clark did not hold them for long as he died the following year leaving the holdings to his son, William Clark junior. His ownership too was comparatively brief, he died in 1793 and everything was left in the hands of three children who in turn sold their inheritance in 1820. The person who bought the Hoe Fields, part of that inheritance was Colonel James Elliot who lived in Barley House, a substantial property north of the newly laid out Union Street. However it was not to be long before the land around him was developed and sohe moved out to Leigham. It was not long, either, before development started to take place on his Hoe Fields, and the old soldier is remembered today in the naming of Elliot Road, Elliot Terrace and Leigham Street. Col James Elliot died in 1859 and his son Col JJ Elliot retained Leigham House until he died, unmarried, in 1892, thereafter that property passed to his cousin, Tracey Elliot.