Elizabeth Place

It is difficult to identify particular street names with certain famous names when there are so many instances of names being used by builders and developers to immortalise members of their own families rather than perhaps the Royal Family. Clearly Elizabeth Place suggests a possible link with the English throne, but it predates Queen Elizabeth II by a century or so and it appeared a long time after the Tudor Queen. There may be some local link with the neighbouring Evelyn Place on the other side of North Road East, alternatively it may have a nominal connection with Drake’s Place Reservoir which virtually sits on the site of Drake’s mills. Mills that were powered by the water from the leat that Queen Elizabeth’s Parliament allowed him to construct in the 1590s, the water was primarily supposed to be for the benefit of the navy and the town rather than the famous sea captain himself.

Elizabeth Court, meanwhile, at the east end of Whimple Street at its junction with Buckwell Street, is a more recent development and dates from the middle of the second Elizabethan age.