Dart Close

The river Dart rises as two streams, the East and West Dart, high on the north of the moor that takes its name from them – Dartmoor. The Tavy and the Teign rise within a mile or so of them both. The East and West Darts join together six miles north west of Ashburton at the aptly named Dartmeet and then flow in a south easterly direction down into the sea just below the town at the mouth of the river, Dartmouth. Tidal as far as Totnes the estuary opens out opposite Stoke Gabriel some five miles from the sea.

The derivation of the name Dart is identical with that of Derwent, Darent and Darwen and literally means “river where oaks were common”.

Dart Close, one of the more recent developments below Military Road at Efford, is one of many place names in that vicinity honouring British rivers.