Coldrenick Street

Current place names are often the product of pronunciation and spelling corruptions over a long period of time, occasionally you may find variations on a present name in contemporary sources, seldom are they as quirky as two found for Coldrenick Street, St Budeaux. From two recent street maps we find both Cold Renick Street and Coldreninsick Street. The proper title, Coldrenick, comes from the early history of the area and arises from the time that Jonathan Trelawny of Coldrenick, near Menheniot, married the last male heir of the Beele family sometime around 1674. The Beeles had owned the 168 Barne Farm estate since the 1530s at least and with this marriage the estate was to eventually move into the hands of the Trelawny family. General JG Trelawny inheriting it 1883.

Coldrenick Street was later developed on part of that estate. Coldrenick itself, incidentally, appears to mean “thorny ridge”, although it’s interesting to note that Devon’s own Coldridge is thought to mean “ridge where charcoal was made” and similarly Coldred in Kent is the “ridge where coal is found or charcoal is made”.