Clarence Place

Named after the so-called “Sailor King”, William IV, the erstwhile Duke of Clarence, who was a popular figure around the Three Towns. Succeeding to the throne on the death of his brother, 67 year-old George IV, William also had the honour of thus being on the throne when the Victualling Yard was completed, hence that too was named in his honour.

Parallel to Clarence Place we find Adelaide Street, named in honour of William’s Queen, Adelaide, by whom he had two children who died in infancy. Consequently he was succeeded by his niece than any of the ten or so children he had prior to his official marriage, with Mrs Dorothea Jordan, with whom he lived for over twenty years.

Born at Buckingham Palace on 21 August 1765, William died, like his brother, partly through alcoholic cirrhosis, on 20 June 1837, he was 71, and despite, his many failing nevertheless somehow managed to rescue the monarchy from disrepute.