Chapel Way

It was Church Hill, apparently, in 1923 and legend has it that before that even it had long been known as Hell Lane, however today it is Chapel Way and that is a name that was evidently a by-product of the housing development here in the late 1920s and early 1930s.

William Dalton was instrumental in the building of the homes that appeared here then. The son of a former railwayman from Yorkshire, who came to live in Lower Compton, William Dalton, as well as being a builder and carpenter, also had a dairy in Compton village. He lived, with his family, in Crowndale, one of the Chapel Way properties that he didn’t actually build himself. His grand-daughter, Susan, still lives in the area and has happy memories not only of the old Compton School in the village, but also the older of the chapel buildings at the top of Chapel Way – the old hall was often used as an overspill building for the school prior to the Primary School’s move in the early 1960s.