Chapel Street

Leave out the postcode and it’s easy to imagine the confusion between the Chapel Street in “old” Plymouth and the Chapel Street in Devonport, which, since 1914, has also been part of Plymouth. The problem was even worse for a back then for Stonehouse too had its own Chapel Street(long since incorporated into Durnford Street).

In each case, of course, a different chapel is being referred to; St Aubyn, in Devonport, St George’s in Stonehouse, which was gutted and partly destroyed during the war, and St Luke’s here behind the Library (Chapel Street runs behind St Luke’s). Quite how much longer this chapel will be with us though, is a matter of some conjecture.

Consecrated in 1829, the chapel was briefly home to the congregation from Charles Church after the Blitz and before they moved up the hill to St Matthias. In 1954 a new parish, Charles with St Luke was created, however the arrangement was short-lived and as the sixties dawned new plans were drawn up and in 1964 a new benefice was instituted – Charles with St Matthias – and from 1966 onwards the chapel building has been used by the local library services for overflow, administration and support.