Bowers Road

There are a number of street names off Outland Road that owe their origin to that famous occupant of the long gone Outland House, Robert Falcon Scott, one of them is Bowers Road. Lieutenant Henry Bowers was one of the four men to accompany Scott all the way to the South Pole in January 1912. Sadly of course they arrived there twenty three days after Roald Amundsen’s Scandinavian party, and even more tragically none of them made the journey back.

Bowers’ body was found in November 1912 in a tent just eleven miles from their next supply depot, the bodies of Scott and Wilson were also there. Writing in his journal in blizzard conditions in March 1912, just before their inevitable deaths, Scott wrote of Bowers; “as troubles have thickened his dauntless spirit ever shone brighter and he has remained cheerful, hopeful and indomitable to the end. He remains unselfish, self-reliant, and splendidly hopeful believing in God’s mercy.”