Boscastle Gardens

Pre-dating the Parkway by some twenty years or so, and located just below it, Boscastle Gardens sits at the top of the Pennycross, off Honicknowle Lane and leading into Tintagel Crescent. Therein lies the clue to the naming of many streets in this area – they are styled after places in Cornwall.

Boscastle itself is a small harbourside community on the north coast, about six miles from Camelford and in turn owes its name to a castle, of which little but slight earthworks remain, that belonged to the Bottereaux family which originally came from Normandy. The earliest form of the name, dating from 1302, is Boterelescastel (it was Castrum Boterel in 1284), and by 1342 had already been shortened to Botrescastell. Two centuries later a closer approximation of the contemporary name had appeared and we had Boscastel.