Beaumaris Road

The major thoroughfare in a comparatively modern part of Hartley Vale, Beaumaris Road, along with Beaumaris Gardens and Beaumaris Court that run off it, is named after a thirteenth century moated castle on the island of Anglesey, off Wales.

The castle was built following the Edwardian conquest of Wales and castles are indeed the common theme for all the other contemporary streets in this development.

Beaumaris itself is the county town of Anglesey and it is situated on the picturesque Beaumaris Bay, to the north of the Menai Strait. A popular summer resort, people visit for the yachting, the golf and to swim. The name, Beaumaris, recorded in Latin in 1284, a decade before the castle was built, as Bello Marisco, comes simply from “beau marais” meaning beautiful marsh and alluding its attractive low lying location four miles from the Menai Bridge.