Arun Close

One of many post-war Efford streets that sources its name from an English River, Arun Close pays nominal homage to the Sussex river that runs from Pallingham to Littlehampton and into the English Channel.

At various times in the past, notably since 1732, promoted “as a navigation” (it was twice surveyed by John Rennie) the river itself was originally known as the Tarente River. This name in turn comes from Trisanton an ancient term for a trespasser and the river still trespasses today – i.e. it causes excessive flooding of its valley. The more recent name was acquired in the thirteenth century and comes from the town, with its famous castle, on its west bank – Arundel. Curiously enough there is a street in Arundel named in honour of the original river name … Tarrant Street.

The name Arundel in turn comes from the Old English “harune dell”, after the hoar-hound nettle which presumably once grew profusely in the area.